Balancing homones

Progessence- supplies progesterone which also declines esp after 40. Pregnant women have very high levels of progesterone which gives then the 'glow'. Progesterone usually declines faster than estrogen. This hormone protects women against breast cancer
They're all different oil blends which support our endocrine system ( collection of glands that secrete hormones)

2 drops to the carotid arteries (sides of neck from ear down) and another 2 drops to the forearms (wrist to crook of elbow)- night
If side of the neck is sensitive, than can also apply over ovaries.

Helps to balance the hormones and monthly blues because it raises your estrogen  levels which drops post menopausal
Good for women long term..balances hormones, supports the endocrine system, fatigue and headache..maintains youthfulness and feminine beauty
A decline in estrogen can result in thinning hair, fine lines, wrinkles and dryness
Estrogen helps build elastin and collagen, keeping the skin plump, hydrated and youthful
NOTE: do not use Clary Sage/Sclaressence if you’ve had estrogen receptor (+) positive breast cancer.

2 drops each to the inner ankles

Endoflex- balances both  hormones and thyroid
Endo Flex essential oil enhances the functioning of endocrine system and raises the body vitality in all the aspects. This oil brings balance in the body functioning. This oil supports the pineal gland, pituitary, thymus, parathyroid and adrenal glands.
Geranium essential oil that is part of the Endo Flex essential oil possesses antioxidant, sedative, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties. Antioxidant feature of this oil helps in eliminating the toxins from the liver allowing it to function properly.

Endoflex: Use 2 drops on thyroid area and another 2 drops on lower abdomen (helps to balance the thyroid and flush the kidneys and liver)- daytime

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