APAC Convention

Get your people who are not sure , sitting  on the fence to the general session. They will
Be inspired n you won’t regret it. As it is a touch , feel n experience in what YL is all about.

The APAC is a fantastic way to open their eyes n get them inspired to grow.Last day to buy ticket is the 15.feb

Actually many in the states uses n brings lots of their members to the convention to inspire their members to grow. Tat is why the tickets are Alway sold out way ahead.
Adam Greenberg Sarah grew this way. They brings hundreds to the convention. Last year 30,000 attended.
Now we have The convention at our door steps. Bring them if you can. This is a hugh opportunity to inspires ur people.
Hopefully next year will
Be in kul too.

When the general session is on . The expo will
Be closed

Registration is on Friday. After tat just wear the tag n attend whatever you wish

General session is not to be missed.
It is the opening ceremony.
Aparently it is magnificent.
All the LSP speakers , updates , announcements
It is the heart and soul of young living.

New products can be purchase there as well but only for attendees. The link will track tat you are an attendees You can pick up products on site or to ship.
Collection at
Sat 12 to 8pm
Sun 8 to 6 p

All Purchase at the convention are std order. It can be bought using your own device or call in.. , no limit.

savy mineral launch next mth

让你不了解的朋友和你坐在围栏上的参与一般的会议。 他们会有
受到不同的启发,你不会后悔的。 因为这是一种体验和感受YL的全部经验。


实际上,许多州都使用这个大会机会,邀请很多成员参加,以激励他们的成员发展壮大。达是为什么门票是早早被抢购一空。亚当格林伯格萨拉 -- 也是这样壮大他的事业与团队的。他们为会议带来了数百个人。去年有30,000人参加。现在大会已经在我们的门前了。如果可以,请带上它们。这是一个鼓舞你的人的休闲机会。希望明年大会也在吉隆坡举办吧!






They will be lap top to buy on line and bundles item at discounted price tat can be purchase on std order. You can also pick ur orders there
As well


The power of natural healing


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