Living Well with Essential Oils

You won’t regard “essential oil” the same way again after this informative and experiential session….

20th May 2017 (Sat) 10:45am – 12:45pm

Never before in the history of mankind have we seen more people using essential oils than we are seeing now. Increasingly savvy consumers are using essential oils or essential oil infused products as natural and ecological solutions to their everyday wellbeing needs.

Pure and authentic essential oils are some of the most
healing and restorative substances. They act as chemical
messengers of the plant just like hormones are to humans. They are hundred or even thousand times more concentrated than herbs.

Plant essences have been used in history (and currently as well) for multiple purposes such as food flavourings, preservatives, cleaning and personal care, first aid, skin care, in nutritional or herbal preparations or products, but truly pure and potent quality essential oils are very rare to come by.

In fact essential oils were once traded with gold in history and were only accessible to the elite. However today, most “essential oil” products sold on the market are adulterated. They are distilled and sold for their scent rather than their therapeutic properties and can cause more harm than good. In fact it’s much more prevalent to adulterate essential oils with synthetic imitation and/or dilute in fatty oil than to temper in the purity of nutritional products (which also happen).

That’s why we welcome you to see (or smell) for yourself HOW to choose real and quality “essential oils” and experience what they can do for you.

You can expect to learn how pure, authentic and potent essential oils can be used for your empowerment by

- being an integral part of home and travelling first aid kit

- being used daily to promote physical wellbeing and emotional balance

- supporting digestive and immune health

- optimising skin and hair health

- reducing seasonal change discomforts

- relaxing tired muscles and support structural alignment

- supporting healing from injury

- support emotional and mental wellbeing

- slowing down or reversing aging

- supporting sports performance

- supporting weight management

- promoting detoxification

- preventing or minimising jetlag and maximising travel wellness


Concerns such as methods of administration, reasons for conflicting recommendations by health professionals, and many more PRACTICAL questions will be addressed.

The goal of this sharing session is NOT to diagnose or treat diseases, but rather to inspire you to explore more in this fascinating modality of self care and make your own wellness decisions.

Feedback from a past participant: “Very enlightening presentation! I have learnt a lot that I did not know as an aromatherapist of 15 years. Thank you…!” – Annemiek Burger

Venue: Online Webinar

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