Kids Living Well with Essential Oil Webinar

You won’t regard “essential oil” the same way again after this informative and experiential session….

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Between getting the kids ready for the day, making healthy meals, running to extracurricular activities, and keeping the house clean, it’s a wonder parents have any time left to themselves. If you’re looking for a few ways to seize more from each moment, check out this essential oils guide full of parent resources. These hacks can help you simplify your schedule with essential oils for everything from cleaning to cooking to cooling down after a hectic day.

Never before in the history of mankind have we seen more people using essential oils than we are seeing now. Increasingly savvy consumers are using essential oils or essential oil infused products as natural and ecological solutions to their everyday wellbeing needs.

Pure and authentic essential oils are some of the most
healing and restorative substances. They act as chemical
messengers of the plant just like hormones are to humans. They are hundred or even thousand times more concentrated than herbs.

Plant essences have been used in history (and currently as well) for multiple purposes such as food flavourings, preservatives, cleaning and personal care, first aid, skin care, in nutritional or herbal preparations or products, but truly pure and potent quality essential oils are very rare to come by.


You can expect to learn how pure, authentic and potent essential oils can be used for your empowerment by

- being an integral part of home and travelling first aid kit

- being used daily to promote physical wellbeing and emotional balance

- supporting digestive and immune health

- optimising skin and hair health

- supporting healing from injury

- supporting brain concentration

- supporting sports performance

- supporting weight management

- promoting detoxification


Concerns such as methods of administration, reasons for conflicting recommendations by health professionals, and many more PRACTICAL questions will be addressed.

The goal of this sharing session is NOT to diagnose or treat diseases, but rather to inspire you to explore more in this fascinating modality of self care and make your own wellness decisions.


Venue: Webinar/Internet

Cost: FREE

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YL essentials for kids

Raising kids can be a challenge. Fortunately, Young Living is here to make the job a little easier. Parents around the world rely on Young Living products to help give their kids the TLC they need, including our own Young Living employees! We sat down with six of these in-house experts to find out about their tried-and-true YL favorites for kids.


Lyndi Smith, Vice President of Global Marketing

Lyndi SmithMother of daughter age 5

“My daughter downs NingXia Red® 2-oz. singles daily! She says they taste like flowers, which must be a good thing because she always asks for seconds. She enjoys them the most when they’re frozen. It’s like a slushy but without all of the artificial colors and excess sugar. It’s a treat I can feel great about giving her and that she adores eating! As any parent knows, those can be hard to come by.”



Erin Stewart, Senior Editor

Erin Stewart's FamilyMother of daughters ages 6 and 2

“Using Thieves® essential oil blend has become a ritual in our home. With a daughter in first grade and the other in day care, I don’t take any chances when it comes to prepping them for their day. For our family, that includes rubbing a few drops of Thieves on their feet before they leave the house. They love the way it smells, and I love knowing that Thieves is with them wherever they go.”


Brady Crump, Online Marketing Specialist

Brady Crump's FamilyFather of sons ages 3 and 18 months

“Before KidScents® Slique Toothpaste, brushing teeth was a big struggle in our house. Now the kids are often the ones to remind us that it’s ‘time to scrub off those sugar bugs.’ I love giving them a non-fluoride toothpaste, and they love that it’s special just for them and also tastes great. We usually have 3–4 types of toothpaste in our house at any given time, but the kids make sure that only KidScents touches their toothbrushes. If for some reason we run out, there are always lots of tears, so we make sure to keep the pantry well stocked.”


Shane Smith, Senior Director of Content Marketing and Communications

Shane Smith's FamilyFather of sons ages 6 and 3

“My six-year-old has a Dino Land Ultrasonic Diffuser, and my three-year-old has a Dolphin Reef Ultrasonic Diffuser. Every night before bed, they ask me to ‘turn on the smoke.’ Their favorite essential oils to diffuse are Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, and Thieves®. I always get a kick out of how meticulous they are about picking which oil to diffuse. They love to carefully examine each bottle, smell the oils, and tell me why they want to diffuse whichever one they pick: ‘I want Lemon because the sun was out all day,’ or ‘I want Peppermint because my teacher gave me a candy cane.’ The YL kid’s diffusers help make bedtime fun for them and easy for me!”



Eli Adams, Global Search Marketing Manager

Eli Adams' FamilyFather of daughters ages 5, 3, and 2 and son age 6 months

“We often use a DIY essential oil ‘brave spray’ of Lavender, Rose, and water to help us get through tough moments at our house. When our five-year-old has a big mess to clean up or we’re trying to potty train our two-year-old, we let them use the brave spray for a comforting scent that offers a little boost of courage. The brave spray always comes out before bedtime. The kiddos spray it in their closets, under their beds, and even in the cracks between the floor boards—any place a monster might be hiding. The ritual of the brave spray helps them overcome their fears, and the floral smell helps them have happy thoughts.”



Travis Rasmussen, Marketing Asset Manager

Travis Rasmussen's FamilyFather of daughters ages 11 and 1 and sons ages 13, 8, and 4

“Gary’s True Grit™ NingXia Berry Syrup helps my family start the day off right. We add it to our morning spinach berry smoothies for just a touch of extra sweetness that the kids can’t get enough of. They also love it on top of whole-wheat pancakes or waffles and in their oatmeal. It’s a great alternative to typical ultra-processed, corn syrup-based options that come from the grocery store, and it even provides the benefits of essentials oils and fruit extracts!”


Venue: Webinar/Internet

Cost: FREE

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The power of natural healing


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